Expect the Prime Minister to pay attention to the issue of gender equality


The sexual scandals exposure one after another in our government, and how Prime Minister Morrison and his officials deal with them and their attitudes towards them, we can't accept neither.

According to a Reuters report on March 29, a news poll conducted by "Australia" newspaper showed that Public support for Morrison has dropped seven points in two weeks, from 62 percent to 55 percent, and is at its lowest level in a year. This is the first time his approval rating has fallen below 60 percent this year. It's enough to prove how angry we are with him.

We protest on the streets not just for recent incidents, but also for the accumulated discontent of similar events in the past, and it just happened when the incident broke out once again. In the early Australian population proportion, men accounted for the vast majority, and the whole society was in the male dominated culture. Even today, the problem of " different pay for equal work " has not been properly solved, the proportion of women among the company managers is not high, and the problem of gender discrimination is not optimistic at all.

Data released by the Bureau of Statistics at the end of 2020 show that the income gap between different genders is 14 percent, and the participation rate of women in the workforce is lower than that of men in every age group from their 30s to their 60s. At the same time, women are at much higher risk of sexual and physical assault and other threats than men.

A series of data and social events reflect our country's deep-rooted discrimination and unfairness against women in history and culture, which cannot be changed overnight, and it seems that we still have a long way to go in order to achieve true equality. What matters now is whether our Prime Minister really wants to change for us or just compromise for our votes.

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