Get paid by watching video with Kavoapp in your spare time


Can't get away from advertisement but have you ever wonder if you could get paid by ads?In fact, get rewarded with solid cash from watching videos is much easier than you think. It’s actually the same ads-watching-experience when you browse through social media platforms. However, instead of the platform getting paid, you will also get paid after watching them.


Kavoapp, a Abu Dhabi-based ad-tech startup has started it’s business in 2018. In a short span of time, Kavoapp has received great response locally and had quickly expanded to America and Europe region. The distinctive app allows users to get rewarded and donate part of it to social causes by watching advertisements from the apps. With the overwhelming response and request from the regions advertisers and users, Kavoapps is finally starting it’s expansion to ASEAN region in 2021.

Here’s how Kavoapps works. There are various of videos you'll be shown on Kavoapp, you can expect plenty of short clips like game ads, news content or viral videos.By watching videos on the app, you might not earn huge amounts of money but as it's such easy money, where you can manage the time spent and it’s definitely worth trying.


Wondering why the platform is doing this? Well, normally the merchant or business owners will pay advertising fees to the platform for their ads to be shown. Kavoapp works just like a affiliate or advertising platform and instead of having the full sum of fees, they share part of the fees to the users who watches the ads. With that, the platform gains more users while the users get rewarded watching them, a great win-win situation for both parties.In short, It uses incentives from advertiser to advertise their marketing videos, and also provide the users with passive income that will help you increase your financial earnings.

With Kavoapps 1.0,users will earn money just by watching the videos provided by advertisers that want to market and spread their business. And, the methodology are simple. Users must watch (and cannot skip) the 10-30 seconds videos to be entitled for Kavo points. they can convert their accumulated Kavo points into real money at anytime, they need to get at least 5 Kavo points and above to withdrawal.

Users can register for free to use the App and Kavoapp hopes that with the passive income, users could earn some extra cash in this hard time. Meanwhile, apart from the America and European vendor,the platform offers the marketing platform for merchants who wants to spread their business throughout the country and even internationally.

With studies of market demand, Kavoapp had chosen to kick start it’s first ASEAN stop by 2021. The localized apps is planned to go live at Google Play and Apple store soon.

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